September 25, 2018

Commissioning of Hammar D110-AQ, the new model Polar side loader

An important milestone in our cooperation with Hammar today. We visited the factory in Sweden to commission the first ‘AQ-spec’ side loaders.

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The AQdemo unit brotherly together with the first unit sold to BAS (British Antarctic Survey). The Hammar AQ models are designed to be fitted on a transport sledge or a trailer in polar conditions. The D110-AQ is a further development of the 195-AQand can also be powered through a vehicle PTO. The BAS unit has the optional power unit and is delivered  a wheeled trailer for use on permafrost and bedrock. This machine is part of the equipment for BAS’s Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation (AIM) Programme.

Extreme machines, a lot of smiles, can’t wait to see these on the ice!