Car Sledge

The Car Sledge is a light trailer with extreme low ground pressure.

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The Car Sledge can be used with light vehicles such as the Arctic Truck. The sledge has a dedicated fuel bladder of 1250L capacity and an area to store cargo. An adjustable snow sword system provides lateral stability.

The Cargo area of the sledge can be organised in function of the needs of the expedition team. An aircushion can mounted providing extra protection for the cargo. This air cushion can be used as a single cargo area or it can be divided in 2 equal halves allowing for example to have a tent permanently remaining on the Car Sledge during the traverse.

As field basecamp support equipment, the setup foresees in a generator that uses the same fuel as the vehicle (Polar Diesel). A dedicated manual pump mounted on the sledge frame allows to fuel both generator and vehicle.

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