Cargo Sledge

AntarctiQ’s 25t Cargo Sledge was thoroughly redesigned in 2020 to meet today’s and future operational challenges.

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The most far-reaching evolution is a low-friction ski design drastically improving the towing vehicles fuel consumption. Furthermore, this new ski design reduces significantly the required force to break free a sledge frozen to the ground. With 18 units in the field test data from the Norwegian Polar institute (NPI) confirmed the towing vehicle (Pistenbully PB300 Polar) fuel consumption to be reduced with up to 28% (@25.000kg load) whereas the break free force of the sledges is reduced up to 50% depending on the test conditions.

User friendliness and safety are important drivers in our design philosophy, therefore the modular connection system to attach add-ons to the sledge was also reviewed. The new system allows now for even more flexibility in customisation. A few examples of items recently delivered:

·        Side extensions keeping snow groomer tracks clear from the ground when such a vehicle is transported on the sledge.

·        Additional twist locks for 2x10’containers

·        Wide track (3000mm)

·        Platform with open steel grids instead of closed wood panels

·        Dismountable vertical masts on 3positions on the sledge used to stabilise cargo such as tubes

·        Winch configuration allowing for opening a container door while the winch is holding the sledge’s draw bar


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