Fuel Bladders

AntarctiQ is the preferred supplier for Pronal fuel bladders in the Antarctic.

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These quality Fuel Bladders are made of high resistance technical polyamide fabric, coated with NBR/NPVC rubber on both sides. The manufacturing process is by hot vulcanization in an autoclave curing at 140°C for homogeneous mono-bloc assembly, avoiding weak & leak points. The inner surface is coated with an additional PVF (Tedlar) barrier film in order to increase the equipment’s life span and to avoid any fuel contaminations caused by material migration. No infiltration between layers is possible. As the equipment has been made as a mono-bloc construction no welds are used. Rounded edges avoid local mechanical stresses and UVtreatment is throughout the material.


AQ Fuel Bladders can be delivered in customised sizes, a few examples of the possibilities:

1,25m³ - HELI: this light and ruggedized Fuel Bladder has been designed to be moved by helicopter or on a light vehicle replacing the equivalent of 6 standard 200l fuel drums.

12m³ - VEHICLE: this Fuel Bladder is combined with a ‘carpet sledge’ for overland traverses. Multiple bladders can be towed by one vehicle.

60m³ - (TEMPORARY) FUEL DEPOT: this Fuel Bladder can be used as a remote fuel depot. It’s reduced weight and compact transport dimensions make it easy to deploy.


If you are interested in this product, please contact us for more details.