Concrete precast slats

Our client, a leading concrete precast manufacturer, wanted to upgrade its existing product range of concrete slats to improve performance and optimize the amount of steel reinforcement. Simultaneously we certified existing products for the German market.

The precast concrete elements were engineered and the required structural calculations were made. Next we tested the final products in our lab. Finally AntarctiQ completed the certification according Belgian, Dutch and German standards.

The end result are high-quality products that are more robust than previous models.

Different modelling approaches combining traditional calculation techniques with state-of-the-art finite elements simulations were used to tackle this challenge.

Equally important as the annual reduction of 350 tons of steel is the consequent reduction of 700 tons of CO2-emissions.

Simultaneously our client asked to certify its existing range of driveable precast slats for the German market. We verified and updated the existing structural calculations and organised the certification by the German DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik). This way our client no longer needs to send specific structural calculations but can send the certificate for sales on the German markets.

The total project lead time was 5 months.